BUJUMBURA March 6th (ABP) – The Office of the Governor of Bujumbura province (west) gathered on Saturday natives, provincial service heads and development partners (NGOs) working in that province to present the achievements of the province for the year 2018 and major projects for the year 2019. It was an opportunity for participants to also exchange best wishes for the year 2019, a check by ABP, at the nonoka guest-house located in Kanyunya village in Mukike commune, has revealed.

In fact, among the major achievements, the governor’s senior advisor, Mr. Dieudonné Bizimana, noted 245 meetings held by the joint provincial and communal security committees; large quantities of prohibited drinks dumped in the Martyazo zone, Mubimbi commune, Benga zone in Isare commune, Rubirizi and Rukaramu zones in Mutimbuzi commune and the reintegration into families of about 200 street children. He also pointed out that the coexistence of political parties has been good and that party meetings have been regularly held, while deploring cases of theft in households and fields and 61 cases of rape.

At the social level, he notably mentioned the construction of communal storey-offices and already functional in Kanyosha and Mutimbuzi; the Gasenyi Basic School already inaugurated; the electrification of the Rukaramu and Kibuye centers and the Kabezi commune which had access to solar energy.

Out of 11939 illegal couples, 11703 were registered in the civil status. In the ​​health sector, the province was the first in the administration of albendazole, the second in meningitis vaccination, while 279,408 small ruminants were vaccinated against the plague. In the field of the environment, the Ewe Burundi Urambaye program has allowed the planting of 1,575,165 tree seedlings, all species combined and in the protection of watersheds, contour lines have been drawn over a length of 8189, 4 km.

As part of the contribution for the 2020 elections, as of December 31, 2018, the Bujumbura province had recovered 152,149,100 BIF of which 124,627,100 BIF are already paid into the accounts.

As for the outlook for the year 2019, the province will continue to build a three-storey professional school in Nyabiraba, a two-storey school in Kanyosha commune and the governor’s office at the headquarters of the Isare commune.

Once the people’s will is strong, the two storey-office of Mugongomanga commune could be inaugurated this year, along with the infrastructures planned in 2019, said the governor of the province, Ms. Nadine Gacuti. She asked the natives to contribute to the development of their province. That person in authority also asked for support in the education sector which is in difficulty, because the province has been in the bottom of the national ranking for the past two years.

Note that those ceremonies were preceded by the granting of aid to 50 patients of Rwibaga hospital where each had 10 kg of rice, 1 kg of sugar and 3 soaps by Governor Gacuti together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ezekiel Nibigira and the Minister of Youth, Posts and Information Technologies, Ms. Evelyne Butoyi.

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