BUBANZA January 7th (ABP) – The courts of Bubanza province (northwestern Burundi) promise to perform their tasks well and to render good services to plaintiffs, for this year 2019, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. To achieve this, Mr. Emile Nduwayo, the chief of the Bubanza High Court, said that in the forecasts they plan to monitor the staff of the Courts of residence through quarterly meetings on the proper enforcement of the law. They also plan to increase service meetings at the High Court and to fight against corruption in the courts.

Mr. Nduwayo states that in the planning of that judicial proceeding they will multiply field trips, at least twice a week, for the execution of the trials, the findings, verifications and others, so that there are no more stocks of uncompleted cases, he adds.

As for the provincial prosecutor in Bubanza province, Mr. Emmanuel Ngomirakiza, he indicates that for this year 2019; among his priorities include the eradication of prohibited drinks, the reduction of inmates in prisons through regular visits and inspections, the fight against gender-based violence, and so on. This judicial body, Ngomirakiza continues, will resort to even flagrant trials if necessary. And to increase the yield, it requires the good collaboration of judicial police officers (OPJ) based in communes.

In view of those objectives of the Bubanza judicial authorities, the two officials ask for a frank collaboration with the other institutions, the administration, the ordinary people and their staff.

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BUBANZA March 13th (ABP) – The natives and friends of Bubanza province (north-west) met in Muzinda, Rugazi commune, on Saturday March 9, under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Pascal Nyabenda (native of that province), to discuss the achievements of 2018, the outlook for 2019 and the establishment of the association of natives, a check by ABP revealed. Among the 2018 achievements, the governor of Bubanza province, Mr. Nobus Thérence Butoyi, spoke among others about the construction of the modern stadium (in progress), markets in the communes, rice storage sheds, bridges, youth centers, schools and playgrounds. He also spoke about the rehabilitation of the tracks, the electrification, the distribution of the selected seeds and the small cattle, the reforestation as part of the “Ewe Burundi urambaye” program, the drinking water supply, the financial support of cooperatives to people, nursery development and school equipment. Concerning this year 2019, Governor Butoyi indicates that the province plans to focus efforts in the education sector to increase the success rate and quality of education. The same province is also planning urbanization, strengthening hygiene and improving housing at the trading centers, at the provincial headquarters, in Gihanga, in Musenyi and Muzinda. Other projects include the continuation of reforestation under the “Ewe Burundi urambaye” national program, support in the distribution of subsidized chemical fertilizers and close monitoring of the palm plantation which tends to replace food crops, he continues to say. The natives of that province have set up an association known as the “Association for the Development of Bubanza Province (ADEBU)”, with the Minister of Hydraulics, the Energy and Mines, Mr. Côme Manirakiza, as Leader. The latter promises to give his all for the huge contribution of the association in the development of the province and asks the natives to support the association in expertise. As for the Speaker of the National Assembly and native of the Bubanza province, Mr. Pascal Nyabenda, he invited the natives and friends of the province to overcome all that differentiates them to appropriate the development of the province.

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