MAKAMBA January 4th (ABP) – The adviser at the Ministry of Justice and Civil Protection and Secretary of the Installation Commission of the Appeals Court in Makamba and its General Court, Mr. Nicodème Gahimbare, said on Thursday to the check by ABP that the public hearings at the new Court of Appeal will start next week because all the cases from Makamba and Rutana that were in Bururi are already in Makamba.

Mr. Gahimbare said that this court was created to facilitate the task of Makamba and Rutana plaintiffs who spent a lot of money to go to the Bururi Court of Appeal. In its sectoral policy, the Ministry of Justice, Civil Protection and Seals Control wants to bring justice to the plaintiffs, reason why it was not slow to set up an installation commission of the new Courts of Appeal, which began its work by transporting cases and filing them in the building housing the Court of Appeal and its General Court.

Mr. Gahimbare is asking the Makamba and Rutana plaintiffs who had trials in Bururi and those who want to appeal to come to Makamba, because the works have already begun. He thanked the provincial administration for its collaboration in the installation work of the Court of Appeal in Makamba.

The excerpts that are posted at the Makamba Appeals Court show that the public hearings will begin on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

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