KARUSI July 19th (ABP) – The Governor’s office warmly thanks the employees for their efforts in the construction of the modern stadium of Karusi, but announces that considering the remaining works, a new approach has been adopted to take a step forward, this was said on Wednesday July 17th at the meeting of all heads of provincial and communal services with the governor.

After three years of contribution to the construction of the modern stadium of Karusi by the contribution of 3% of the net salary for any official, the governor’s office in collaboration with the stadium construction committee changed strategy in May of this year. All employees were asked, from the boss to the subordinates, to reserve 2000 BIF at the stadium. The exercise was 98.4% successful with an amount of 9,556,000 BIF.

It will be necessary to concretize the inclined slab of the stadium and it requires more energy, reason why the governor calls this time on the heads of provincial and communal services to provide more effort per category. The parliamentarians will give 100,000 BIF each, the rest will contribute 50,000 BIF to 5,000 BIF according to their income as estimated by the governor’s office and the stadium construction committee and approved during the meeting.

A sum of more or less ten million is expected no later than August 5 to advance the works if the meeting is conclusive, Governor Calinie Mbarushimana keeps hope with no doubt.

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