BUJUMBURA18 December (ABP) – The Minister of Communication and Media, Mr. Frédéric Nahimana, enhanced with his presence on Tuesday December 17, 2019, the gender and media award ceremonies, 2019 edition, organized by the Association of women journalists (AFJO) in order to encourage journalists and media partners who have integrated gender into their work and their productions.

During those ceremonies, the prizes were awarded to six journalists who made the best media productions and six media that respected the commitments relating to the integration of the gender dimension in the media.

The journalists who received the awards, three are from Radio Isanganiro, two are from the Ubumwe newspaper and one from the Burundi News Agency. They each received six hundred thousand BIF

The media that received the gender and media prize, 2019 edition, are Radio Culture, Radio Isanganiro, Radio Humuriza FM, Radio Colombe, Ijwi ry’umukenyezi and the Ndongozi newspaper. Each of those media received the price of one million Burundian francs.

AFJO Chairperson Diane Ndonse said that this activity is an opportunity to show the relevance of gender mainstreaming in the media and in the daily work of journalists, whether in the programs or in the media editorial offices but also in recruitments.

She also reminded that since 2010, the Burundi Association of Women Journalists advocates for taking gender into account in the media through the “Gender and Media” award. It is a competition for the best media production integrating the gender dimension in the collection and processing of information. During this year 2019, the theme was “women, young people, peace and security”, she said.

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