BUJUMBURA August 13rd (ABP) – Senate President Révérien Ndikuriyo joined the Muslims of Burundi on Sunday August 11, 2019, in the celebration of the Sheep Day of the Islamic Community of Burundi (COMIBU), held at Nyakabiga zone in the Bujumbura city.

Mr. Ndikuriyo attended the prayer and launch of the three-day sheep slaughter operation. It was said that the celebration recalls the day when God did a miracle by giving Ibrahim a sheep to sacrifice when he was ready to slaughter and sacrifice his only son.

On that occasion, Mr. Ndikuriyo offered the community a million Burundian francs to share with the poorest during that day that reminds us of the importance of giving sacrifices to God.

As this sheep day coincided with a match that opposed the same Sunday the Burundian team “Black Eagle” and the Kenyan team “Gor Mahia”, Mr. Ndikuriyo announced that he had paid 8,000 seats (on bleachers) to allow children who have no money and the needy to watch that game for free. It took place at the Intwari stadium of Bujumbura as part of the championship of African champions clubs called “champions league”.

In his message to the Islamic community, Mr. Ndikuriyo said that all believers, Muslims or Christians, are descendants of Ibrahim, the ancestor of the believers. He stressed the importance of solidarity with the needy, recalling that Burundi dedicated the last Saturday of July to local solidarity. “Life on earth is very short,” he said, adding that the rich should share with the poor to prepare for the life of the hereafter. He also commended the contribution of Muslims in peacebuilding and in other areas such as children’s education.

The COMIBU legal representative, El Hadj Sadiki Kajandi, said that on the occasion of that sheep day and the closing of the pilgrimage to Mecca, the fifth pillar of Islam, Muslims make sacrifices to God. According to him, sacrificed sheep are shared between Muslims, non-Muslims and the poor. It is a sign of unity, of love, of seeking peace and of praying to God for peace. It is also an opportunity for all the faithful to respect the orders of God, like Ibrahim, to change their behavior, to break with sin, to preach peace and to let others have peace.

He also prayed that the 2020 elections will be held in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. He was delighted with the presence among them of a high authority of the country, the President of the Senate. This is a proof that the Burundi government does not discriminate ethnically or based on religion.

He thanked the Burundian authorities for their actions in favor of Muslims, citing the example of the Speaker of the National Assembly of Burundi who granted this year a pilgrimage ticket to Mecca to a needy. He hoped that at least 10 needy people could get that ticket next year.

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