KIRUNDO January 3rd (ABP) -The Coffee Sector Competitiveness Support Project (PACSC) distributed 60 bicycles to coffee monitors in some villages of Kirundo province (northern Burundi) on December 31, 2018, via the federation of coffee growers in the province, in order to facilitate their tasks, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

According to Mr. Haruna Barineza, the chairman of the ‘Mfashangufashe’ federation who distributed those bicycles, this means of transport, he said, will allow the coffee monitors to move to the different villages to supervise the coffee growers. They will also allow them to transmit reports on time to senior leaders.

He said coffee is no longer the way it was before. Since PACSC opened its doors, he said, this project is there to provide all that coffee farmers need. For the next harvest, Haruna said the forecast shows that only one coffee plant will produce about 2 kilograms when it produced 0.5 kilograms before, but he said the country plans to produce 30,000 tons against only 15,000 tons before.

Mr. Barineza added that 66 bicycles were expected, but that the federation was able to distribute 60 because 6 monitors will first have to explain the shortcomings observed on the field, while advising the guilty ones to like their work, to honor their commitments. He also encouraged the instructors who behaved well by asking them to redouble their efforts, knowing that coffee is of great importance in the country’s economy.

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