KAYANZA November 23rd (ABP) – Provisional results from various schools of Kayanza Province (North) in the State Exam, 2019 edition, are far from being satisfactory, according to the report of Mr. Dismas Nduwimana, educational advisor in the provincial directorate of education, in an interview with the press on Thursday November 21st.

To that end, he urges the communal directors, as well as the school headmasters to supervise the teachers a lot more, in the accomplishment of their duties. He also calls on the learners to show attention and regularity in classes. He also urges them to regularly review the lessons learned in class.

On the basis of the results obtained by different schools of Kayanza Province, Mr. Nduwimana indicated that the vouchers were registered in the Science section of the boarding schools. Mr. Nduwimana gives the example of Musema High School which recorded 87% in that section.

He pointed out that in the language section, eight out of 39 schools obtained 50%, while the majority of them are day schools.

Regarding the economics section, only the Musema high school had 50% of six schools that had participated in the tests of the past school year, still testifies the same educational advisor, adding that all nine schools with the teacher-training section were able to get 50%. As for the social sciences section, only three schools out of nine could have had 50%.

Mr. Nduwimana regretted that the results recorded in the technical sections were poor. He explains those failures by the fact that those sections require appropriate equipment which, unfortunately, does not exist in Kayanza technical schools, a situation to which is added the lack of qualified teachers in this field.

Of all the foregoing, the same school authority reports that in order to overcome all those challenges, communal directors of education, as well as school headmasters, need to redouble their efforts in supervising teachers during this school year for the fulfillment of their duty.

Once all these challenges are lifted, there is no doubt that the improvement in performance will follow, concludes Mr. Nduwimana.

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