BUBANZA January 4th (ABP) – The governor of Bubanza province (north-west), Mr. Nobus Therence Butoyi, is asking provincial service heads and communal administrators to do synergistic and complementary works for the development of the province, it was disclosed in a meeting he held at the provincial headquarters on Thursday. The meeting was organized with the purpose of exchanging on the labor planning for this year 2019.

Some of the communal projects that have been mentioned by the communal administrators are among others the construction of markets and other public infrastructures and the protection of the environment through tree planting, especially fruit trees. The administrator of Musigati commune indicated that they also plan to set up a small fruit processing unit and the electrification of part of the communal headquarters. The administrator of Rugazi said she plans to support some women’s associations, while that of Mpanda commune added that the commune plans to provide support to individuals in the process of erecting an irrigation dam.

Some of the constraints mentioned by those communal administrators include taxes that do not reach the communal accounts because, they explain, some drivers of vehicles carrying goods say they belong to the higher authorities, as well as associations and stalls of markets that do not pay communal taxes.

After the announcement of labor planning in each provincial service, the Bubanza provincial governor asked everyone to associate development with strengthening security and peacebuilding.

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