BUJUMBURA May 7th (ABP) – Rehabilitation works on the United Nations roundabout and the part of the Mutakura-Bubanza National Road (RN9), which started on April 29, 2019, are progressing well, a check on the site on Monday by ABP has revealed.

This roundabout located in the Ngagara urban zone of Ntahangwa commune had been in a state of disrepair for a few months. This time it will be built in reinforced bars because it had been previously asphalted, one of the responsible heads met on that site told the check by ABP.

This project, says the same responsible, also provides for other works, including the development of traffic areas inside the roundabout, the development of gutters evacuating the runoff and the planting of grass and flowers.

The project also plans to repair some of the connections on the roads that serve this roundabout, namely the RN 9, the Murundi People’s Boulevard, the Mwambutsa Boulevard and the OUA Avenue.

Drivers of vehicles on that road are delighted with the start of those works. At the same time, they ask the managers of the construction company “Group EIS-EKA”, which won the contract, not only to produce a quality work, but also and above all to complete the work within the deadlines agreed with the directorate of the National Roads Authority.

It should be mentioned that the turnaround time for those works financed by the National Road Fund, is five months.

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