Mr. Pascal Nyabenda (middle), during the best-wish exchange festivities

BUBANZA January 22nd (ABP) – The Speaker of the National Assembly of Burundi, Mr. Pascal Nyabenda, calls on the inhabitants, the natives and residents of the province Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi) to give priority to cohesion, solidarity and to contribute, each one, to the development of the province; this was disclosed on Saturday during the festivities of exchange of Best Wishes for the New Year 2019 in Gihanga commune.

In his address, the Speaker of the National Assembly and native of that province asked residents, natives and residents to overcome all that differentiates them for a flawless unity, to give their contribution to the development of the province and to welfare of the inhabitants on the spot. Mr. Nyabenda also asked them to organize themselves into self-development cooperatives.

As for the governor of the province, Mr. Nobus Thérence Butoyi, he listed some development projects planned for this year 2019, among others, the continuation of the construction of the markets in the communes, the construction of schools, health centers, bridges and a small fruit processing industry. He also talked about the afforestation of villages as part of the “Tree Planting” program, the distribution of domestic animals to youth associations, school benches and so on. The governor of Bubanza also indicated that a meeting is planned with all development partners to discuss their contribution to the realization of those projects. Here, the Speaker of the National Assembly asked the governor to inventory all the NGOs operating in that province, to discuss their achievements and see if they meet the real needs of the people.

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