KAYANZA November 21st (ABP) – Kayanza province governor Anicet Ndayizeye held a security meeting on Tuesday during which peace and security were found to be a reality, despite rumors that are conveyed through social media, a check by ABP revealed.

Through that meeting, the village leaders of the Matongo and Muruta communes were recommended to always meet the ten-house leaders (Ba nyumba kumi), in order to facilitate the identification of strangers who could lodge in their localities and to provide information to administrative and security authorities whenever signs of insecurity are noticeable. As for the political parties, they have been asked to join the joint security committees, if not, they will not be allowed to hold meetings in the villages where they are not represented in those committees.

The governor of Kayanza province, along with provincial commissioner OPP1 Meroe Ntunzwenimana, commander of the 320th brigade and provincial representatives of the judiciary, administrators Alexis Hacimana and Justine Komezadusabe, respectively of Matongo and Muruta communes, that is, for the two communes, each has a part on the Kibira natural forest. All specified that peace and security are good in their administrative entities, despite the rumors that are conveyed through social media.

Mr. Anicet Ndayizeye said that the security situation prevailing in the Matongo and Muruta communes is the same in all nine communes of the province. The proof is that people are free to go about their daily activities. He reassured the inhabitants of the two communes and asked them to remain calm and vigilant, while avoiding being distracted by rumors. According to the provincial authority, when the elections draw near, users of destructive, aggressive and hateful messages ​​are not lacking.

The governor, the provincial police commissioner and the commander of the 320th brigade all insisted that peace and security take precedence over everything else and took the opportunity to ask the representatives of political parties to comply with the laws and regulations, avoid interfering with the affairs of the police. He closed his speech by calling on representatives of religious denominations to preach the word of God, while pointing out that the electoral general assemblies have been suspended until further notice, because they contribute to the destabilization of the country.

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