BUJUMBURA October 2nd (ABP) – Burundi is working hard to find ways and means to implement the National Development Plan (NDP) for the period 2018-2027.

According to the content of the document relating thereto, the objective of that plan is to restore the structural equilibrium of the Burundian economy, particularly through the strengthening of food self-sufficiency, the diversification of exports through the promotion of agro-industrial enterprises, building infrastructures to support growth, improving access to basic social services such as education and health, protecting the environment, and developing regional and international partnerships.

Given its importance, country leaders at all levels invite the entire population to take ownership of that NDP and work hard to achieve the desired well-being.

The implementation of that NDP requires the involvement and collaboration of the various actors. In that context, the Government of Burundi invites its development partners to increase their assistance in strict compliance with democratic principles and the sovereignty of the Burundian people.

Ultimately, that plan is aimed at being the basis for strong and inclusive growth to enable Burundi to reach, by 2027, the level of emerging countries. The purpose of the Burundi NDP 2018-2027 is therefore to lay down the conditions necessary for lasting peace and stability for the long-term structural transformation of the economy characterized by double-digit, sustainable and equitable growth.

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