BUJUMBURA June 4th (ABP) – First Deputy President of the Republic Gaston Sindimwo, on behalf of the Burundian Head of State, received a South Korean delegation from the International Youth Fellowship Association (IYF), led by General Secretary Dr. Hun Mok Lee on Friday June 1, 2018, in Bujumbura.

At the end of the hearing, Gaston Sindimwo told the press that the delegation carried a message of thanks to the Burundian Head of State who granted to this association a field on which it will build an international center for young people that will teach several disciplines including construction, music, foreign languages, behavioral change, games like football and others.

According to Gaston Sindimwo, the program of this association is similar to that of the Burundian government for young people. This program will have on its menu the change of mentalities and behavior of individuals.

For him, Burundi comes to the level where each individual must change his behavior. Adults have grown up in a crisis situation and we must not bequeath this to their children, he said. Burundians should take the example of successful countries such as South Korea, which was originally a poor country but is now one of the richest countries.

The 1st Deputy President was invited to visit the headquarters of the Association and he confirmed that he will respond to their invitation.

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