BUJUBURA September 3rd (ABP) – Actor and Director Arthur Banshayeko, known as “Arthur Ban,” returned last week on Monday from Lincoln Center Theater in New York, where he participated in the 24th edition of the theater. In a press briefing just upon his arrival in Burundi, he said he was one of 58 directors from 29 countries, including three from Africa, namely Burundi, Uganda and South Africa. He also said that his stay in New York allowed him to see that the professionalism of his craft depends on the time allotted to it. According to him, that professionalization should not be evaluated solely in relation to its profitability, since it depends on several factors that are difficult to control, such as the economic situation and the politico-security situation, considering, however, that the Burundian theater is more than 60% professional. With regard to quality, Mr. Banshayeko pointed out that the Burundian theater is still doing well, but that its relationship with the public remains difficult to determine. Thus, according to him, the Burundian public finds it difficult to consider theater as a real space of exchange and sharing, as was the case around the fire in traditional Burundi. He deplores the fact that theater has now become a mere affair of young people seeking leisure. That actor and director also indicated that he intends to organize a workshop during which he will have to share the knowledge acquired with others who did not have the opportunity to participate in that training.

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