Heavy rain mixed with hail caused material damage in Kayokwe commune

MWARO February 21st (ABP) – Heavy rain and hail hit Kayokwe commune on Monday February 19, causing a lot of material damage, according to the administrator of Kayokwe commune in Mwaro province (center-west) contacted by Burundi News Agency (ABP).
According to Mr. François Nkundwa, administrator of the Kayokwe commune, all the hills of the Muyebe and Gatwe zones were affected, the crops of which the germinating beans were washed away by the rain mixed with hail. The same source said that in the Muyebe zone 11 houses and a Kibenga-Midende primary school were washed away by the rain. The same rain caused slight damage to other parts of Kayokwe commune, especially at the Mwaro center.

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