RUMONGE February 13th (ABP) – The rain poured down in the Buyengero commune on Sunday and caused a lot of damage.

According to Amos Ntiranyibagira, administrator of the commune, the rain that fell from 11:00 am to 12:00 o’clock, caused in the Nkizi and Runyinya villages, bordering the Burambi commune, resulted in the flood of the Dama river and destroyed the fields of sweet potatoes, palm groves, bananas, 10 goats were swept away by the water, 3 palm oil processing units, 9 bridges connecting the Burambi and Buyengero communes were also washed away, lamented Amos Ntiranyibagira, who called neighbors for solidarity with people in difficulty adding that the inventory of damage will be made available to the authorities so that the Ministry in charge of national solidarity is informed or anyone else likely to offer the aid to the victims.

That torrential rain of Sunday also flooded the fields of palm groves on the banks of the Dama River in Rumonge commune.

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