BUJUMBURA January 14th (ABP) – The first five matches for the 16th finals of the President’s Cup were held at various stadiums in the country on Thursday, January 10, 2019, where the formidable team of Vital’O was humiliated in being eliminated from the competition by the Light FC team from Mwumba commune in Ngozi province (northern Burundi), a team that was not known in the Burundian football family.

In a match between the two teams at 1:00 pm at the Ingoma stadium in Gitega (central Burundi), the two clubs ended the regulation time with a tie score (same).

According to the regulations of the Burundi Football Federation (FFB), penalty shootouts were used and Light FC from Mwumba scored five penalties while Vital’O only made three, which pushed Vital’O to be eliminated from the competition.

The second match played at the same stadium was between “Les Lierres” of Bujumbura and Muyinga Unity FC. After a tie score (1-1) at the end of normal time, penalty shootouts  were taken in order to decide the winner and Les Lierres managed to eliminate the Muyinga Unity FC by scoring four penalties against two for Muyinga Unity FC.

At the Umuco stadium of Muyinga (southern Burundi), only one match took place between Flambeau of the center of Gitega and Delta Star of Gatumba. Again, the game resulted in a tie score (2-2) after the extra time and the two teams resorted to penalties. At the end, Flambeau of the center scored four against three penalties for Delta Star.

Two other meetings were held at Ivyizigiro stadium in Rumonge (southern Burundi). Rukinzo FC defeated the Rumonge Crocodiles 1-0 in their match at 1:00 pm, while at 3:30 pm Buja City triumphed hard against Bururi Sangwe FC by scoring two goals to one.

Other matches counting for the 16th finals of that Cup of the President of the Republic were scheduled for last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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