BUBANZA January 24th (ABP) – Abandonment of families by women going to Arab countries and unwanted pregnancies remain visible in these days in some localities of Bubanza province (northwestern Burundi), according to administrative and on-site sources.

According to local sources, those women who abandon their restricted families are mostly reported in Rugazi and Mpanda communes. One of the inhabitants of Muzinda village in Rugazi commune reveals that at least eight women have abandoned their husbands and children in that village in only one month and have gone to Oman.

According to him, what is deplorable is that those women leave small children underage. Another thing, he says, before leaving, they are screened for certain diseases, but when back, they do not do so to verify that they come back in good health. He says that two of those women have already told their husbands that they are no longer their wives, even if they return to Burundi.

Unwanted pregnancies are reported mainly in Rugazi, Mpanda and Bubanza communes. According to the communal administrative source, in Bubanza commune, most of the victims are students and some even try voluntary abortions.

In Mpanda commune, the alleged perpetrators of those pregnancies refuse them, which is an obstacle to the registration of the child in the civil registry and to free medical care.

Regarding those family abandonments, the governor of Bubanza province, Mr. Nobus Thérence Butoyi, asks the neighbors of those women to report it in time to the administration, so that they are sanctioned once back in Burundi. For unwanted pregnancies, he calls the parents for a review of the upbringing they give to their children and to those concerned to denounce the dishonest perpetrators of pregnancies, so that they are known and punished.

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