BUJUMBURA March 28th (ABP) – The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) held in the urban commune of Ntahangwa (north of the capital) on Tuesday March 26, 2019, an information and exchange meeting on its missions, for administration officials, defense and security forces and religious denominations.

Mrs. Léa Pascasie Nzigamasabo, Secretary of the TRC, indicated on that occasion that this meeting was organized within the framework of showing the competence of the commission. She added that the latter’s mission is to investigate in order to find the responsibility of each one during the abuses that took place during the various crises that occurred in Burundi.

She also said that the doors are open to anyone who wants to provide information about the perpetrators of those abuses and the mass graves that have not yet been identified. Mrs. Nzigamasabo reported that the commission has the means to protect witnesses who provide information. She also stressed that the other mission is to qualify the facts and protect the traces found. She also pointed out that the purpose of the commission is to heal the wounded memories of some Burundians whose relatives were massacred and kidnapped without finding their bodies.

She finally appealed to Burundians who have testimony about the unfortunate facts, not to be afraid to denounce it. According to her, this would help to know the truth about the facts, to know the responsibility of everyone and to promote reconciliation.

During his presentation, Commissioner Elie Aloys Batungwanayo pointed out that citizens are asking for the truth and are demanding the building of memorials and monuments for the victims. He also added that there are politicians who use past events in order to mobilize the majority of people. For him, it is important to remember the past to prepare a good future, to eradicate all kinds of abuse and build a good country. According to Batungwanayo, today’s children will be protected from those scourges.

As for participants, they raised their concerns about the places where the social infrastructures were erected, in particular the schools, the health centers while there are mass graves. Mr. Batungwanayo pointed out that the commission has the power to do everything possible to make the truth known.

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