KIRUNDO June 4th (ABP) – The Governor of Kirundo Province (Northern Burundi), Mr. Alain Tribert Mutabazi, together with the Director of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE), went to Busoni and Bwambarangwe communes, respectively in the Nyabugeni and Mutarishwa villages on Wednesday May 29, 2019, to raise awareness about the cultivation of maize in the marshes, a check by ABP revealed. From now on, they told people, more than 500 hectares of marshes will be occupied by that crop, as soon as this dry season approaches. The governor said it is a government program after finding that maize is a very important food for households, considering the several ways of consuming it.

The government, he said, has set up a lot of projects for the welfare of people, but any project runs when there is peace and security in the country, hence, he asked the people of the entire province to consolidate the two concepts in all the villages.

On his part, BPEAE Director Leonidas Rivuzimana invited people who use the Muhembuzi and Kabuyenge marshes, chosen in the two communes, to start clearing them early this month of June. He said that the government project known as the Agriculture Transformation Support Project based in the Bugesera Natural Region (PATAREB), in Kirundo province, will help and closely monitor all activities related to that maize crop, including the distribution of selected seeds and chemical fertilizers and that farmers will be asked to bring only organic manure. He also stated that PATAREB plans to grant production transformation machines, especially to associations that will be well organized.

Six marshes have been selected throughout the province for maize crop and there will be rotation with other crops.

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