BUJUMBURA May 18th (ABP) – The chairman of the national Days preparation committee, Mr. Zephyrin Maniratanga, held a press briefing in Bujumbura on Thursday May 16, 2019, on the preparations for the ceremonies marking the forthcoming 57th anniversary of independence of Burundi, on 1st July 2019, a check by ABP revealed.

This year, he said, Burundi will celebrate the 57th anniversary of independence under the theme “supporting national independence”. He also announced that the celebration of the day will be held at the headquarters of all the provinces of Burundi.

In the economic capital Bujumbura, there will be a civil and military parade. The committee requests that there be 57 paraders per civil institution and requests a lot of preparation, because it is expected a prize of the best parader.

Mr. Maniratanga also informed that the preparation committee of that national Day recommends that the institutions called on to parade not spend foreign currency outside the country to buy uniforms, while there are local products that could substitute those imported clothes.

For that reason, those institutions are invited to resort to authentically African models, such as loincloths, because it is a show of independence, he explains. He also urged Burundians to favor the consumption of local products, instead of resorting to external products each time. He also invites each other to participate in that economic civility, with a view to celebrating the 57th anniversary of national independence.

He also called for the increase in programs related to independence, to explain to compatriots where we come from, where we are and where we go, because, he adds, from the past through what we have experienced and from the fights of our grandfathers, it is possible to project where we go.

Mr. Maniratanga also pointed out that at the same time, a “clean city” prize will also be awarded, the reason why he asks provincial governors to prepare themselves accordingly.

Finally, across the country, there will be inaugurations of infrastructures built with the participation of the people and government funds, without any foreign participation. It is also a way of demonstrating national independence. These are schools, stadiums, hospitals, hotels and factories. These inaugurations will be made from July to November, he concluded.

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