BUJUMBURA August 13rd (ABP) – The computerization project of the country’s hospitals remains problematic in more than one way, according to an analysis made by Jean de Dieu Havyarimana, who represented the directors of hospitals in Burundi, during a semi-annual evaluation meeting organized last Friday by the Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Dr. Thaddée Ndikumana, for the provincial doctors, the heads of health districts, the directors of the hospitals and executives of that ministry.

Mr. Havyarimana noted that the funding of that computerization remains a challenge. It turns out that hospitals do not have the means to finance this project themselves, using funds that would be used for other priorities, hence, he advocated for those hospitals so that they can have partners to finance that computerization system.

The Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Mr. Thaddée Ndikumana, said that this issue is relevant. He therefore proposed that the computerization of hospitals be retained as a recommendation to be submitted to the Steering Committee of the Resilience Component, which brings together all partners in the health field, including the World Health Organization (WHO). A typical hospital financing project has been implemented, said Thadée Ndikumana, hoping that with that recommendation, hospitals that are still behind will be able to keep pace with others that have already benefited from funding from partners.

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