KAYANZA April 27th (ABP) – A young boy from Kibaribari village of Gatara commune in Kayanza province (northern Burundi), known as Rahay Nzoyikorera, who suffers from heart disease and has already attended all the best known cardiologists of the country, but without success, asks any charitable person to contribute so that he is able to travel to India where he was referred in recent days, said the patient during an interview with the check by ABP.

As he points out, this so-called heart disease began to show up three months ago. The young boy is currently 25 years old. After he felt pain of all kinds, the desperate young boy laments, he was treated with the cardiologists of Ngozi and Bujumbura, who have referred him to India for health care not available in our country, and too expensive for the young without financial means.

Nzoyikorera says that his family is not able to take care of him, reason why he asks any charitable person for financial support so that his life, which is today in danger, be saved.

Among the symptoms of the disease that Rahay Nzoyikorera suffers from, one can note: dyspnea of ​​effort, generalized weakness, sharp pulse and anemia.

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