BUBANZA August 3rd (ABP) – The governor of Bubanza province (north-west), Mr. Nobus Thérence Butoyi, calls on all residents to always think about solidarity and mutual aid, because not only are they part of Burundi’s values, but also because those who help others will be rewarded in heaven. He mentioned it on Thursday August 1st, during the distribution of food and clothing to the vulnerable of that zone.

The vulnerable people who benefited from that aid collected in the Bubanza zone were 120 in number. The aid was made of beans, maize, cassava, clothes and shoes. Some beneficiaries, contacted on site, were satisfied with the setting up of the national Day dedicated to national solidarity (early August) because, according to them, it reinforces the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid among Burundians.

The communal administrators indicated that aid already collected in four out of the five communes of Bubanza province, in order to help the vulnerable, is made of 8,143 kg of food consisting of beans, maize, rice, flour, sweet potatoes, cocoyams and cassava. Other aids already collected include clothes, shoes, salt, soaps, cabbages and onions.

The governor of Bubanza calls on the people of that province to always help their vulnerable neighbors, especially that this year, the harvest was good. He advises them to grow vegetables that need watering around their households during this dry season.

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