BUJUMBURA  December19th(ABP) – The Burundi Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has been organizing from Monday to Friday searches for human remains in the mass graves that have been identified on the place located in Kamenge (the ancient Kamenge market) and in which the victims of the 1993-1994 crisis and those after were buried.

That activity comes after the TRC organized several meetings for discussion and consultation with   municipal and communal administration officials as well as the victims and the people of that locality.

The Chairman of the TRC, Mr. Pierre-Claver Ndayicariye, told the press that the works in progress consists in exhuming and temporarily preserving the bones found in order to bury them in dignity in the days to come.

For TRC Chairman, this is a truth-seeking exercise that releases both the victims and the alleged perpetrators. Concretely, he explains, it is a way to restore dignity and an opportunity given to the victims to mourn for theirs. The Chairman of the TRC therefore considers that work as a process of stabilization of society in the sense that it rehabilitates the man who has been treated as nothing in the painful past. Finally, that sought after truth has an educational aim in order to save the present and future generations that feel guilty unjustly for the errors which were made by their elders.

In that context, Mr. Ndayicariye appealed to everyone by inviting people to help the TRC to locate the mass graves wherever they are found.

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