BUBANZA March 11th (ABP) -The Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Pascal Nyabenda, joined residents of Buringa zone in Gihanga commune of Bubanza province (northwestern Burundi) on March 8, 2019 in community development works, before conducting an interview with them on their daily concerns, a check by ABP revealed.

Those community works consisted of mixing concrete and paving the Buringa village leader’s Office, under construction.

In his address, Mr. Nyabenda called on the inhabitants to change their mindsets and go beyond all their tendencies and all that differentiates them to think about development. According to him, the inhabitants of the Buringa zone, which is electrified and close to the Bujumbura City Council, have all the assets to develop and develop their zone and commune. He advises them to exploit all the potentials on the spot, to organize themselves into cooperatives and to target income-generating activities adapted to their locality. The Gihanga commune borders the DRC. Mr. Nyabenda asks the joint security committees to double vigilance so that security remains a reality in that constituency. The National Assembly Speaker asked them to support the provincial development projects, including the construction of the modern stadium of Bubanza, the opening of statistics department at Nyamugerera in Musigati commune, “Tujane” Microfinance, and the project of establishing an association of the natives for development, solidarity and mutual aid. In their interventions, the residents of Buringa raised their concerns about the lack of drinking water, concubine behavior, the on-site market, the health center and nearby schools.

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