CNTB Spokesman Dieudonné Mbonimpa

BUJUMBURA November 29th (ABP) – The spokesman of the National Commission of Lands and other Goods (CNTB), Mr. Dieudonné Mbonimpa, held a press conference on Wednesday November 28, 2018 during which he presented the achievements of that commission during the last six months, the problems encountered and the future prospects once the commission is renewed.

Mr. Mbonimpa pointed out that there are still 22,400 disputes to settle about 60,000 registered cases. In addition, there are many cases related to the “other goods” component. The latter includes a large volume of more than 500,000 files, difficult to process and which require a sum of money for various compensations while the CNTB does not have any, said Mr. Mbonimpa. Some disputes have been settled out of court, said Mbonimpa, who reported cases of restitution of five cows in Cibitoke province and 11 others in Muramvya province.The presentation was indeed made while that commission will end its term on December 31st. The CNTB was set up in 2006 for a three-year term, which has been renewed twice, respectively for three and five years, as recalled.

Regarding land disputes, field trips were carried out in all provinces, with particular emphasis on Bujumbura, Bujumbura City Council, Bururi, Makamba and Rumonge Provinces. During that semester, 649 cases were closed by the provincial delegation, while 803 cases were handled by the Appeals Sub-Commission in Plenary Assembly, and many of those cases were settled.

Speaker Mbonimpa also pointed out that what makes the CNTB the most proud is the change of mentality among people and the awareness of the people on its mission. However, the constraints are not lacking. These include the use of lies and false witnesses, as well as the use of false documents. Most of the secondary occupants and those who have irregularly acquired State lands exhibit official documents but, afterwards, prove to be false for having been issued on the basis of false support.

Moreover, one can be faced with a fact where official documents such as notoriety acts and title deeds have no trace in the archives. Mr. Mbonimpa also pointed out that they are often confronted with the attempt to resist the execution of judgments, the referral to the ordinary courts while the cases are being processed at the CNTB and vice versa, conflicting parties do not appear because some of them fled the country in 2015 and others knowingly do so to make the cases delay.

Among the prospects for the future, the CNTB plans to continue raising the awareness among people and the various authorities on the importance of social justice, including the rehabilitation of the disaster victim in his rights.

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