MURAMVYA March 14th (ABP) – Civil protection police in Muramvya (center-east) exhumed a body of a certain Elvis Nkurunziza from Rutegama village, Rushubi zone, Isare commune in Bujumbura province, at around 6:00 pm (west). He had been buried in Kiziguro village, Monyi sub-village of Bukeye commune, near Cogo stream separating Bukeye and Mbuye communes. The operation was possible thanks to the intervention of the administration in collaboration with the Bukeye communal commissioner, two judicial police officers, the representative of the National Intelligence Service in Muramvya and the family of the deceased. He has been identified as a motorcycle taxi driver in Bujumbura City Council and has been missed since Wednesday March 6, 2019.

Currently, two alleged perpetrators of that murder, namely Claude Manirambona and a mechanic by the name of Valentin Bigirimana, all from Bukeye commune in Muramvya province, were apprehended. The others are being sought to pursue police investigations.

The body was put in Muramvya hospital mortuary to prepare for his burial with dignity.

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