The alleged vehicle thieves

BUJUMBURA January 10th (ABP) – The Burundi National Police (PNB) arrested, at the 8th Avenue of Nyakabiga (Mukaza urban commune) on Tuesday around 11:45 pm, six alleged vehicle thieves, as disclosed on Wednesday by the spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security, Commissioner Pierre Nkurikiye.

Some residents of Bujumbura City, who are questioned about this issue, are very grateful for that operation which has been carried out by the Burundian National Police, and urge them to adopt all the necessary measures to dismantle all networks of vehicle thieves.He said the alleged thieves were caught in a TI-branded car bearing registration number F3998A which contained 35 balls of smoking hemp. The leader of that gang, known as Kevin Nikwibitanga, the police said, is also known for his involvement in many cases of vehicle theft. All those alleged thieves are in the hands of the police for investigative reasons, said Commissioner Nkurikiye.

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