Women are called on to make their projects a reality to mark positive change (1)

BUJUMBURA March 9th (ABP) – On March 8, 2018, Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza and his wife enhanced the commemoration of the International Women’s Day at the Gatwaro stadium at the Kayanza province’s headquarters (northern Burundi).
The Day with this year’s theme “Rural and urban actors, together transform women’s lives”, was celebrated with great joy in the image of national Days and was attended by the highest political, legislative, judicial, military authorities and police officers as well as most of the wives of the country’s dignitaries. The diplomatic corps accredited in Bujumbura, as well as the heads of international organizations and national organizations, were there.
The ceremonies began with a long parade attended by staff from different Ministries, staff of the National Assembly, various public and private services and members of national organizations. It was adjourned by military and police women who were very much applauded by the public.
In vibrant color uniforms, made from the loincloths produced by the Burundi textile factory “Afritextil”, the paraders expressed the joy on their faces and some marched dancing and singing.
In his speech, President Nkurunziza called on women to have a vision, to design projects and to put them into action, to transform their lives and to make positive change. He felt that any change depends on determination and will. He urged women to bring about change themselves, to put their efforts and talents together and to jealously guard their plans so that they will not be stolen so that they can bequeath them to their children.
President Nkurunziza called on men and children to support women and work hard to change the lives of women who are the pillars of family and development.
On that occasion, the Head of State awarded seven girls and women for their dedication and hard work. It should be noted that in his opening speech, the governor of Kayanza province said that peace and security prevail thanks to the contribution of women.

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