RUMONGE December 21st (ABP) – The governor of Rumonge province (southwestern Burundi), Mr. Juvénal Bigirimana, accompanied by representatives of the defense and security forces of his province, paid a visit to the Buyengero commune on Wednesday, December 19, 2018  where he brought together the people of Nyamurunga village and the village leaders of the Muzenga zone. They exchanged on security and development in Buyengero commune.

Governor Bigirimana congratulated the people of Buyengero who collaborate in the for security keeping. Groups of bandits stealing in the households in that commune were arrested. In this period close to the elections, Mr. Bigirimana called on the people of Buyengero not to listen to the rumors.

The purpose of that visit was also to review the progress of the construction of the School of Excellence for Craft Teaching in the Rubuye sub-village. The Director of the Teachers College (ENS), Ms. Nusra Hassan, at the same time a member of the commission in charge of the construction works of the 14 schools of excellence for craft teaching throughout the country, said that even though works are advanced, they lag behind other schools because, she said, some have been officially opened, others expect to be opened during this month of December. The solemn opening of this school was scheduled for early 2019, she said.

The governor of Rumonge province, who called for support for that school, urged Buyengero officials to take the lead. He also urged natives of Buyengero and Rumonge to contribute to those works because building two playgrounds requires a lot of means.

The solemn opening of that school is scheduled for March 2019, students from all over the country will benefit from it, Governor Bigirimana said.

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