CIBITOKE February 11th (ABP) – The police seized at least 62 loincloths of Congolese origin aboard public transport vehicles or traders operating in Cibitoke province (north-west), 12 bags of chemical fertilizer and six cans of fuel, accusing the owners of deliberately escaping the customs services. Also about ten cans of 20 liters each of prohibited drinks and equipment for their brewing were seized by the same police during their searches carried out in different corners of the Cibitoke province, since January 2019, according to police information.

Traffickers in those cloths from the Democratic Republic of the Congo were forced to clear their goods before recovering them, while fraudulent chemical fertilizers were handed over to the Provincial Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE). According to the police, the prohibited drinks were dumped on the ground, the fuel was distributed to the various social services and the traffickers were inflicted with administrative fines.

Loincloth traders of the Cibitoke and Buganda markets that the check by ABP contacted, positively appreciate the work of the police, who are trying to discourage fraud and the trafficking of prohibited beverages. They also recommend that the recalcitrants be exemplarily punished. The traffickers of loincloths and fuel say that they do all this to earn enough to feed their families, but admit that it is prohibited by law. As for the police officers, the fuel must be sold only in service stations and not in households, to avoid fires and the repetitive lack of that product.

Narcotics traffickers are pure criminals and a public danger to human health and household development, police officials say.

It is worth noting that the administration also commends that routine work of the police and urges its people to inform law enforcement officials in favor of security for all.

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