CIBITOKE November 22nd (ABP) – A training session on prevention of the psychosocial consequences from psychological distress in the context of Ebola virus disease (EVD) has been organized (from 19 to 22 November) by the Platform for Stakeholders in Psychosocial and Mental Health (PPSM) in collaboration with Ministries in charge of Health, and Human Rights. The training focuses on psychological first aid, prevention of abuse and sexual exploitation of children, and community-based child protection facilities in the health districts of Cibitoke and Mabayi.

The goal of the workshop is to strengthen community facilities for Ebola prevention, according to Ladislas Gahungu, the facilitator of the PPSM. The latter indicated that through the community-based Family and Community Development Center (CDFC), the goal is to relay information on Ebola virus disease and warning signs. He said community awareness of the disease emphasizes psychological first aid.

To respond to that emergency, the activity is used to develop participants’ strategies or techniques on how to accompany or assist Ebola patients, their families or the community.

On the first day of the training, Cibitoke Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Jean Claude Mugisha, spoke about Ebola Virus Disease, Prevention and Control of Infection (PCI) to participants. He gave a lot of advice to the participants about hygiene and sanitation.

In the messages to be relayed in terms of change of habit and behavior, Dr. Mugisha insisted on the rules of hygiene by emphasizing that the practice of washing hands with clean water and soap for example can protect against about sixty diseases including Ebola virus disease.

He added that we must drink clean water, make good use of latrines and wash each time before eating or after leaving the latrines.

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