KAYANZA March 18th (ABP) – Kayanza province celebrated the International Women’s Day at the headquarters of Muruta commune on March 15, 2019. The senior advisor of the governor of Kayanza honored the ceremonies with his presence. The ceremonies were marked by various pieces of advice, including those related to family planning, those calling on the people of Kayanza province to buy health insurance cards (CAM) and to contribute for the 2020 elections.

In his speech, Governor’s senior advisor Vianney Ndikumana pointed out that the higher the birth rate, the more families and the country become unable to meet certain needs, particularly those needed for the care of children (food, clothing, schooling, health care, and the like), and many other challenges that occur when the family does not limit births.

Regarding the purchase of health insurance cards, Governor’s senior adviser Ndikumana said that life takes precedence over everything else. He took the opportunity to call on all the people of his province to buy those cards. According to him, some people depreciate those cards while pretending they do not get sick. He invited them to appropriate the project to buy those CAMs to avoid risks that would arise in case of illness.

Mr. Ndikumana ended his speech by urging the people of Kayanza province to contribute for the 2020 elections, because, according to him, the well-prepared elections allow for the establishment of different institutions and the conventional replacement of those whose term has expired.

Also, he testified, it was found that in the past a group of ill-intentioned people planned coups that affected the people living in remote areas from Bujumbura, the economic capital of Burundi. For him, Burundi youth should not be manipulated by politicians because they speculate on hidden interests.

The ceremonies ended with the handover ceremony of certificates certifying that 19 people including 16 women and three men, all from Muruta commune, have learned to read and write. Literacy activities for 1,590 people in Kayanza province were organized and taught by the Kayanza Family and Community Development Center (CDFC) on PRODEFI funding.

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