BUJUMBURA October 16th (ABP) – The “National Rally for Change” (RANAC) political party held a meeting in Bujumbura on Saturday October 12, 2019 for its members from the Western Region. In his introductory speech, the leader of that political party in Bujumbura City Council, Ms. Safi Beatrice, said that the pace of emergence of the latter is satisfactory, that is to say, it is well positioned at the level of the City Council.

However, as she pointed out, challenges are not lacking. She targeted, for example, young people who behave inappropriately by asking for money and drinks, which hinders mobilization.

The RANAC leader at the national level Mr. Aloys Baricako, said on his part that the purpose of that meeting was to bring together the members of that political party from provinces like Cibitoke, Bubanza, Bujumbura Rural and Bujumbura City Council, where there was talk to examine the bodies of that political party from the bottom to the level of the provinces.

The ceremonies began with a long parade from the headquarters of the same political party in the Rohero zone opposite the Mao Bridge to the city center in front of the INSS where the very ceremonies took place, which shows, according to Mr. Baricako, a firm commitment to the 2020 elections. He said that the RANAC party is represented from the bottom to the top. He thanked the Minister of the Interior and the Mayor of the Bujumbura city, for having facilitated the holding of meetings.

As for the 2020 elections, the leader of RANAC asked the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) to prepare them transparently. He also called on the government to ensure a good political climate for all, and to ensure freedom of expression, the reopening of certain local international media and the resumption of international relationships.

To members of his party and especially young people, he asked to be always a good example and not give in to any political manipulation and especially to overcome the fear.

Mr. Baricako took the opportunity to present the RANAC project of society. He said that once this party elected at the head of the country there will be the strengthening of democratic governance and the removal of the gap between the rich and the poor.

In education, there will be the reorganization of education, with a restoration of its quality, and a valorization of the teacher. In agriculture, he said that in this country where 80% of the population live from agriculture and livestock, the machines will replace the hoe to increase production.

According to Mr. Baricako, 60 per cent of the Burundian population are young people, most of whom have completed university studies but are unemployed, reason why there will be youth empowerment projects to combat this unemployment.

In health sector, he indicated that there will be the increase in hospitals, at least one hospital per commune to improve the health of the population. To do this, he asked the supporters of RANAC to provide a lot of efforts in terms of mobilization to obtain a place of choice, which will allow the implementation of that project of society.

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