BUJUMBURA March 30th (ABP) – The Sahwanya Frodebu party wants to fight against anything that could undermine the achievements of the Arusha accord as well as democratic values. This was said on Thursday March 29, 2018 in Bujumbura at the registration for the role of this party in the upcoming referendum scheduled for May 17, 2018.

Léonce Ngendakunda, the deputy leader of the party, said he came to this civic act to show that he is committed to the restoration of a State of peace and security, a fair and just society.

He also said that the Sahwanya Frodebu party must imperatively respond to the electoral campaign to defend the Arusha peace agreements, to express their point of view on the strategies that must be taken to consolidate peace, security and the unity of the Burundian people for good governance in Burundi.

For the Amizero Coalition, Mr. Agathon Rwasa said he came to perform a civic act under the electoral law. It is also to authenticate a desire to participate in this exercise that consecrates the enjoyment of the civil and political rights of everyone in Burundi.

To participate in any election, his party must register at the level of the CENI for compliance with laws governing political parties, he added. Mr. Rwasa took the opportunity to discourage all those who think that there is a party that is above the law, that Burundi is a modern nation that belongs to all, that they must keep in mind the laws and normative rules. Whatever its size, no party could claim to be above the law in force.

For the question that participation in the referendum is not a way to support the change of the constitution, he said that the Burundian citizens are mature, and will put on a balance, if they find that the change is negative they will vote No, and if they find the change to be positive he will vote Yes.

The slightest thing he reminded the administrative officials is that there are some who, with excess of zeal or fanaticism, believe that others are not allowed to live in the country by mistreating and persecuting them, better to leave them free.

The CENI chairman reminded that the period of application for accreditation is from April 15 to 30th and that this accreditation will be national for a political party that will cover the entire national territory and must be given by the CENI, and local, thus provincial or communal for a political party limited to the province or the commune and this accreditation will be given by CEPI and CECI together.

A party that goes outside of its accreditation will be struck by the law. He concluded by recalling that the time to register, which began on March 23th, will end on April 6, 2018.

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