NGOZI January 28th (ABP) – 24 girls from Tangara commune in Ngozi province received training certificates in tailoring, hairdressing and embroidery. The “Icirore c’Amahoro” (Peace Mirror) Association issued the certificates after a six-month training. It is an activity that falls within the objectives of its project of empowering the girl, promoting female entrepreneurship and financial inclusion of the girl.

The winners are girls who have failed in the certification and study-orientation contest of the Ninth grade of Basic School or Common Certificate Test. Thus those girls received from the Peace Mirror association six tailoring machines, seven hair-dressing machines, ten rolls of fabric and other materials. At the end of the training, those girls were grouped into the “Duharanire Iterambere” association in order to perpetuate the project. So far, they have already set up a petty cash.

Nshimirimana Goreth, one of the laureates contacted said she is very encouraged: “I failed in the ninth grade and did not see what to do.” Currently, I master tailoring, hairdressing and embroidery. I see very well that it will be easy to win some income for me and my family “. For Nestor, the father of a young laureate who received the certificate, it is a real satisfaction. His daughter should drop out of school after failing the competition. But under the help from God, she got this chance to learn the craft which will help her for all her life. As for Eugénie Nzeyimana, a mother of a young girl who is also concerned, such projects are more than indispensable and should be multiplied to help young people. She asks for more commitments from associations and other partners to support the female youth.

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