BBIN deputy Director Guillaume Ndayizeye (left) and the 1st awarded Aimé Parfait Belgise Ingabire (light)

BUJUMBURA December 21st (ABP) – Alexis Kwontchie, director of the Great Lakes Africa  Branch, organized in Bujumbura on Thursday, December 20, 2018, a business ideas competition for the professional integration program through entrepreneurship.

Indeed, the BBIN started from September 26, 2018 until October 5 a training that brought together 400 young people interested, said Mr. Kwonthie, adding that among them, only 40 young people stood out and obtained, from the Francophone Community University Agency, certificates attesting to the training followed. “Out of seven people who have already started their entrepreneurial lives, only three have been awarded for presenting the workings, goals and visions of their businesses. This is Mr. Aimé Parfait Belgise Ingabire who received a sum of 200,000 BIF for his business of promoting selected seeds of potatoes. Ms. Salomée Nitegeka received a 100 000 BIF for her peanut processing company, and Mr. Bernard Nkegurutse received 75.000 BIF for his company manufacturing sandals from used up tires,” said the director of the Great Lakes Africa Branch.In his occasional speech, Mr. Kwontchie said that the competition was organized to stimulate young people, the majority of whom are now unemployed, to engage in entrepreneurial professional life.

The deputy director of the Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN), Mr. Guillaume Ndayizeye, said on his part that having a well-planned project is a prerequisite.

“For man to live without financial constraints, he needs a steady source of income to support him in his old age. In the most prosperous countries, it is the young entrepreneurs who contribute to building their societies,” the deputy director of BBIN said.

Chalk Chain company director Aimé Ndizeye said that the small jobs as a diver, waiter and receptionist allowed him to see how the customers are treated, how the products are sold. As a result, he was able to know how to manage the staff of his company.

“If I want to start a business, I need to find out from other entrepreneurs how they have evolved,” said the director of Calk Chain Company, saying it is important to listen to customers and take their concerns into account for the smooth running of your production company. Before thinking about the external market, one must first satisfy the local market, he suggested.

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