BUJUMBURA May 10th (ABP) – The Speaker of the National Assembly of Burundi Pascal Nyabenda received in audience in his office on Wednesday May 8, 2019, the chairman of the Burundi configuration of the United Nations (UN) peacebuilding commission, Mr. Jurg Laubert, visiting Burundi from May 5 to 10th for an official mission. At the end of the audience, Mr. Laubert told the press that he was bringing to the Speaker of the Burundi National Assembly, a message from the international community, stating that it is ready to support Burundi in the process of lasting peace, security, in the field of human rights, in the field of sustainable development and especially in the preparation for the 2020 elections.

Mr. Laubert also pointed out that the international community has received Burundi’s national development plan (NDP 2018-2027) while assuring the Speaker of the National Assembly that it is ready to discuss with government agents and other actors on how to collaborate for the implementation of that NDP.

In turn, the National Assembly Speaker said his institution commends the reports presented by Mr. Jurg Laubert to Burundi.

Regarding politics, he informed the chairman of the UN peacebuilding commission that his institution recently voted on the electoral code bill while taking into consideration the different ideas that emerged from the diversity of the MPs if their membership of the different political parties is taken into account.

Mr. Nyabenda said that as they agreed on the electoral code, it is an early sign that shows that the 2020 elections will run smoothly. He added that peace and security reign in the country.

Regarding the economy, the Speaker of the National Assembly informed him that the Burundi government is collecting the necessary means for the implementation of the national development plan and that it invited Burundi’s partners to accompany its implementation for the benefit of the country and the citizen.

The Speaker of the National Assembly also told Mr. Laubert that although Burundi is drawing near to the electoral period, Burundian refugees continue to repatriate voluntarily. He took the opportunity to inform the international opinion that the countries and organizations that have imposed sanctions on Burundi, including the European Union, should suspend them, explaining that Burundi has taken a considerable step in terms of peace and security

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