BUJUMBURA July 18th (ABP) – “The Burundian private sector is undermined by several problems that limit its development, while it should be the pillar of economic development,” said Faustin Ndikumana in Bujumbura on Tuesday Chairman of the local NGO Word and Action for Awakening Consciousness and Change of Mentalities (PARCEM), during a press briefing on the current situation of that sector.

Mr. Ndikumana, on that occasion, pointed at the administration that weighs heavily on that sector instead of facilitating the work, adding that it is a sector that can support the State by providing its services on the market and help citizens live by fighting against unemployment.

For Mr. Ndikumana, the economic strength of a country is based on a vibrant and thriving private sector. In the context of Burundi, which is experiencing a galloping population and the cramped farmland, an entrepreneur who has an idea should be supported. For that purpose, the PARCEM Chairman requests the immediate intervention of the State to regulate the situation before it is too late.

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