BUJUMBURA March 15th (ABP) – The Second Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi, Dr. Joseph Butore, enhanced in Bujumbura on Wednesday evening, the ceremony of celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Africa Branch of the Great Lakes of the University Agency of Francophone Community (AAGL / AUF) in Burundi (1998-2018).

Based in Bujumbura and hosted by the University of Burundi (UB) since July 1998, the AAGL was the subject of a headquarters agreement signed between the Burundi Government and the AUF in July 1988.

Deputy President Butore was pleased to note that this branch has sub-regional competence covering Burundi, Rwanda, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda. Burundi, he said, commends the fact that the AUF, through the establishment of the AAGL in Bujumbura, puts its expertise and resources at the service of the development of the institutions that are members, as for example, the public university, private higher education institutions and research centers.

“In other words, it is a celebration of two decades of actions and support for scientific cooperation in a Francophone space,” he said.

In his view, the AAGL / AUF, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, should continue to “stay away from political influences” and focus more on the “harmonious” sharing of scientific knowledge.

Note that the AUF, which has its headquarters in Montréal (Canada) since its creation in September 1961, now has 909 member institutions in 113 countries.

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