NGOZI October 16th (ABP) – Torrential rain mixed with hail that fell last weekend caused severe damage in Ngozi commune. In the rural zone of Ngozi, stretches of banana fields have been damaged. The Kinyana Basic School lost the roof of three classrooms, the latrines and the teachers’ room. In the post-basic level of the same school, four classrooms and the directorate blew away. Both student and teacher books have been damaged. Students and teachers did not show up in class on Tuesday.

The provincial director of education, Mr. Jean Pierre Ndikuryayo, tranquilizes students and parents. Students whose classes have been affected will have to move to neighboring schools while waiting for the rehabilitation of those classrooms and latrines. For those in the basic level, they will temporarily be sheltered by the basic school of Musave in Mwumba commune.

Those in the post-basic level will be welcomed by a closer private school, the sun-of-knowledge school. However, there is the problem of inadequate latrines for everyone. Mr. Ndikuryayo says he contacted the Ngozi communal administrator to give help. Once the digging of the latrine is completed, the students will return to the classrooms. Note that this rain also caused damage to the Kananira Basic School in Tangara commune.

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