RUTANA March 12nd (ABP) – The Senate President, Mr. Révérien Ndikuriyo, who spent two weeks visiting the communes of Rutana province (south-east of Burundi), met on Thursday, March 7, 2019 representatives of people of Giharo and Bukemba communes before watching a football match of the 4th division between the Mosso City team from Bukemba and Mirage FC team from Giharo.

Throughout the communes, Mr. Ndikuriyo met the village elected officials and the heads of communal services and spoke with them about development from all its angles. He closed his tour on Friday March 8 in Gitanga and Rutana communes.

In Bukemba, Mr. Ndikuriyo severely criticized the consumption of prohibited drinks like “Kanyanga” which is still a reality while in other communes visited previously, this bad habit was fought. He advised the administrative and police persons in authority to use all the means at their disposal to curb that phenomenon.

Burundi needs strong men to do the development works of the country, he said. He recalled that the one who consumes this drink loses all his strength to the point of not being able to raise a can of 20 liters.

The Senate President insisted on development, calling on people of Rutana to have a vision and set a goal to know where we are and where we are going.

With regard to agriculture, the Senate President believes that it is the pillar of the economy, it must be supported and practiced in a modern way.

On responsible citizenship, Mr. Ndikuriyo congratulated people that reached 84 per cent for collecting the contributions for the 2020 elections, but encouraged them to do more to get to 100 per cent. It is time to count on our own strength to avoid reaching out, he said, pointing out that anyone who relies on others cannot do as they please.

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