Minister Martin Nivyabandi answers reporters

BUJUMBURA November 14th (ABP) – The Ministry of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender validated its 2018-2027 communication strategy on Tuesday November 13, 2018 by stakeholders in the field of communication within it, a check by ABP revealed.

The activities that will be carried out as part of the implementation of the strategy are those of training, particularly on ICT, the collection and processing of information, as well as physical and electronic archiving. There will also be the drafting of messages and the production of media and communication tools. It will also include the collection and processing of information, the coverage of events organized by the said ministry, by means of informing public opinion on issues related to the ministry’s missions.The strategic guideline for the implementation of that strategy and its action plan were also validated at the same time as the strategy. That communication strategy aims to improve communication to ensure visibility of the ministry, through the credible and publicly available information. Its implementation will be articulated on five axes that correspond to the specific objectives. It is about capacity building, about design of media and communication tools, information production and dissemination, improvement of the image of the Ministry and development of skills in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Following that validation, the Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs, Mr. Martin Nivyabandi, told the press that having a communication strategy for his ministry is part of the framework of accountability: “when you implement a public program, you have to report,” he said.  He recommended to the communication unit that developed the strategy to incorporate all the recommendations that were addressed to it and reminded all ministry executives to appropriate that strategy, which is now a strategy for its entire staff.

Even though the ministry already organized various forms of communication, it still lacked the direction of the strategy, which Nivyabandi said, will allow the ministry to improve communication on human rights and equality and equity values, and to better fulfill its mission of education and awareness to the change of mentalities.

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