BUJUMBURA November 24th (ABP) – The Minister of Justice, Civil Protection and Seals Control in partnership with UNDP organized at the Lake Tanganyika Club Hotel on Friday November 22, 2019, a workshop to present the Internet portal of the Center for Legal Studies and Documentation (CEDJ) and the launch of the statistical data collection application, for the public prosecutor, chiefs of courts, public administration and university officials and others.

In her speech, Minister Aimee Laurentine Kanyana announced that she has solemnly opened the implementation of a web portal of the CEJD called “Memory of Burundian Law” written in Kirundi and in French, which is an innovation in the country. She added that this portal will make it possible to consult the laws, the regulations and all the legal acts through that portal.

According to Mrs. Kanyana, this will be of paramount importance for legal practitioners, and for the general public that will access all that is right.

Regarding the statistical data collection application, the Minister indicated that it is an added value for the functioning of the services of the courts and the ministry. She added that it will allow people to access their files as quickly as possible. She explained that the plaintiff will report to the judicial secretary and will be directly informed on the progress of the case by clicking on the application, even the chief of the court will always have information on the state of progress of all the court cases.

Minister Kanyana did not forget to point out that this application will allow the Justice Ministry to get informed about the functioning of the courts, since the Minister can consult in real time how cases are evolving when the people complain that their cases are processed slowly in court and they will know each time the cause of the delay in the processing of a court case.

She specified that the integration of the data will concern all the cases, whether the cases which are in the judicial proceedings or the cases to come. According to the minister, within six months, they will have that application.

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