MUYINGA August 3rd (ABP) – A drunken behavior that is noticeable in some women and girls in Mwakiro commune, Muyinga province (north-east of Burundi), worries the administrator of that commune, Ms. Sylvie Muhimpundu. “The women and the girls get drunk and go home alone, late at night,” deplores that communal person in authority.

This bad habit results in endless quarrels at home and can be a source of insecurity, she regrets. “Today, these women, who behave like wanderers, later complain of being victims of sexual violence, and the administrator wonders how a woman who comes home alone at 10 pm can arrive at home without being the victim of aggression.

The girls are also reported in the bars and in large numbers, still regrets Ms. Muhimpundu, adding that the positive values ​​that once characterized a Burundian girl, have “shattered”. “Today, single mothers have become very numerous,” says the administrator. “While the government calls couples for family planning, girls are procreating at a worrying pace.

The communal administrator of Mwakiro confessed almost “vanquished,” asking the intervention of the provincial authority. “At one time I had taken the measure to forbid singletons women to stay in the bar beyond 6 pm, but some people advised me to review this measure, arguing that it would be a violation of human rights.

That concern was expressed at Kobero in Butihinda commune on Wednesday, during a security meeting held by the provincial governor. All communal administrators also reported that the phenomenon of public drunkenness was also noticeable in their respective entities.

Recall that the legislature has considered public drunkenness as an offense and that the criminal code, in its Article 514, provides a fine ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 BIF, for anyone who displays drunkenness in the street or other public places.

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