BUJUMBURA July 5th (ABP) – The Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Déo Guide Rurema, participated on Thursday July 4, 2019, in the protection activities of Lake Tanganyika as part of community works organized every Thursday.

Organized in the Ngagara zone of ​​Ntahangwa commune, at the place commonly known as “Ku Mase”, that activity has been oriented towards the uprooting of water hyacinth on the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika. This natural plant is bad for the life of the fish and will have to be destroyed forever, according to Minister Guide Rurema. He indicated that efforts will be dedicated on that activity during two months of community works of every Thursday. The frequency for two months will undoubtedly increase the fish production, he added.

He recalled that the objective of the program called “Thursday of the environment” is to protect water sources, cleanliness in the city, and cleanliness on the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika by eliminating all that is a barrier for the fish production such as water hyacinth.

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