BUJUMBURA March 18th (ABP) – The Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, Mr. Thadée Ndikumana, proceeded, in Bujumbura on Friday March 15, 2019, with the closing ceremony of the international immunization data monitoring workshop of the documentary data review and peer review of the Joint Reporting Form (JRF), Government-WHO-UNICEF for the Central African countries, Madagascar and Comoros.

In his address, the Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS said that the workshop allowed participants to identify shortcomings in the reports before the external eye could begin reviewing each country’s reports.

The experiences of the Central African Republic and Burundi provided guidance on the sources of data, he added. He indicated that the orientations of the various facilitators opened the minds of the participants as to the improvements to the documents for a more high reliability.

Exchanges of experiences and discussions, sharing of knowledge that characterized the workshop will allow them to improve performance in the collection of quality data on immunization activities in the respective countries, according to Minister Thadée Ndikumana.

According to a woman participant who read the summary of the Workshop shortly before the Minister’s speech, following the 4 days of works, the main results achieved include the state of implementation of the access points that had been obtained during the March 2018 workshop as well as the level of implementation of the 2018 Data Improvement Plan that were shared and discussed, the obstacles as well as the corrective actions that were identified. Current challenges on data improvement in African regions were presented and discussed, experiences on the development of the data improvement plan and the use of the integrated data management system were shared and the analysis program performance and documentary review of the data were conducted for each of the 13 countries that attended the workshop, and so on.

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