BUJUMBURA September 6th (ABP) – The chairman of the organizing committee of the caravan of the torch of peace, Mr. Agricole Ntirampeba Mwamba, held, on Thursday September 5, 2019, a press briefing on the 13th edition of that activity scheduled from September 10 to 20, 2019 in all provinces of the country.

The caravan of the torch of peace, 2019 edition, will be opened in the Karusi province and will be closed in the Rumonge province under the theme “Our country foremost”.

He recalled that the torch of peace in Burundi has the objective of transmitting the message of peace through community development works and without forgetting charitable actions among vulnerable people.

That activity undertakes a long journey across the country where people of all categories participate in development works.

These include the construction of community infrastructures such as schools, health facilities, administrative offices, stadiums and the protection of the environment. In short, the caravan of the torch of peace is a way of collectively supporting community development.

Indeed, the team of the torch of peace will continue their journey with trucks behind them, laden with construction equipment. This is 50,000 iron sheets to cover schools, health centers, community markets, stadiums and administrative offices, 20,000 bags of cement for paving classrooms and other national large-scale projects, 10,000 iron bars for the continuation of the works in progress.

The aim of that 2019 peace torch caravan is to pave 10 classrooms, to cover 15 classrooms and 21 community markets, and to contribute to the evolution of major projects such as stadiums and administrative offices.

Mr. Ntirampeba Mwamba stressed that the dream of the President of the Republic to make Burundi a country where peace and development reign is already a reality and calls on the people to participate spontaneously in that activity scheduled for 10 days.

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